No Fracking Way, Hickenlooper Talk Shut Down

The Colorado Community Rights Network took their action to the streets, shutting down Governor Hickenlooper’s public talk in their latest direct action activity. At the First Congregational Church in Boulder, Wednesday, June 9, while displaying their banner, the Community Rights protest called out the reasons the Governor cannot be trusted to protect the safety and welfare of its citizens.

In an act of defiance calling out Governor Hickenloopers’ cruel and harsh policies, the Community Rights group expressed their outrage. “Wehick2 the people of Colorado hold you in contempt,” “We are not going away,” and “No fracking way,” were chanted at full volume, while displaying their large “Frackenlooper Overturns Democracy” banner around the room.

With the Boulder Church in the hands of its citizens in an uproar decrying his state policies and no body guards in place, the Governor crawled off site with his tail between his legs. When the Governor returned an hour later to address the crowd and corrupt the church with his latest dose of corporate PR he had five police officers in tow. Seems our  Governor can not leave home without a trail of controversy following his every move. Betrayed but not beaten, We The People, Will Not Go Away.

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