Imagine waking up to loud earth shaking noises causing tremors in your neighborhood that shake your homes foundation rattling the windows and doors wreaking havoc on your property. Only to discover that the water won’t flow from your tap when you turn to drink because your water well has collapsed from the constant thumping and bone-jarring commotion.

The shale boom and the thumper trucks needed for seismic survey push forward into Union Reservoir community of Longmont. Despite community outrage rebuking the industrial activates and the associated destructive outcomes for property owners, the oil and gas industry gets its way once again. The Longmont City Council can be thanked for approving the industrial actions that will impact the Longmont community where cracks in property structures and collapsing water wells that deliver water to residents is the probable outcome.

Once seismic data is concluded that survey information will be locked up in the hands of the oil and gas contractors, details that will not be shared with the public. Disturbed? You should be. The profits gained from the oil and gas industry and the commission of sharks that serve it are tearing down the rights that protect our communities and the life it supports.

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