wf1Wadley Farms, the quiet residential area in unincorporated Adams County is in the crosshairs of Synergy Resources Group, Oil and Gas contrator. Synergy is poised to drill new wells to develop a large scale oil and gas facility in the center of the Wadley Farms, a rural neighborhood of equestrian trails, scenic lakes and spectacular views of the flatirons.

Under review is whether Synergy Resources Corporation will be allowed to drill a production facility of 19 new wells in the Wadley Farms neighborhood with some wells being as close as 500 feet from the nearest residence.

Residents are organizing to force the county to select alternate drilling sites far away from their residential area. Should the large scale oil and gas facility get approved local residents will face extreme hardship. Around the clock drilling activities wreaking havoc for over 6 months will expose residents to hundreds of truck trips on and off site, non-stop, loud, deep thumping industrial noise, pollution of the air and local water supplies, and falling property values.

Shocked by the prospect of such a large industrial facility so close to homes and schools, a group of Wadley Farm residents, including the Nyholms, convinced the Adams County Commissioners to postpone signing an agreement with Synergy until the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) finalized new regulations regarding large scale oil and gas facilities near residential areas.


Residents protest fracking activities at Thornton meeting, Sept 2015.

“Then of course we read these regulations and we realize this not only doesn’t help us, that it’s a green light for them to take all these smaller one-, two- or three-well sites and transform them into multi-well sites,” Nyholm says.

Cynicism Confirmed

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