Photo by EBCU

October 6, 2015.

Nearly 250 anti-fracking activists demonstrated in Denver marching through the streets with signs, banners and larger than life size puppets calling for a ban on hydraulic fracking and a shift to renewable fuel sources. The demonstrators began their march in Confluence Park and ended at the Governors Mansion stopping at various locations like the EPA regional headquarters, Denvers Halliburton office and the state capitol to call out the fracking perpetrators in The Hall of Shame demanding an end to drilling in Colorado.



Photo by EBCU

Mondays demonstration followed a 2 day conference including trainings, strategy sessions and workshops created by the Stop the Frack Attack Network. On hand at the conference were special guests Chris Hedges, Native American and Indigenous leaders, national and local activists rising up to challenge the fossil fuel industry and their destructive fracking practices.






Photo by EBCU

“We are not protesters, we are protectors of current and future generations.” -Shane Davis, Fractivist.com








“Fracking is is an inherently destructive process that we are fighting to keep out of our communities. We have better alternatives like wind and solar and it’s time to put them in place now.” -Sharon Carlisle, Colorado mom







Photo by EBCU

“Communities have a right to ban it. We should not back down.” -Anne Harper, Colorado farmer