spk2Finding work in this economy is bleak, coming up with a sustainable job that one can bank on for the future and getting paid a fair wage are all up for grabs unless like the Spokane community, you reform the very laws that put the employer on top of the hiring apparatus.

Union contracts for workers do not guarantee that workers have due process on the job and in Colorado despite the fact that marijuana is legal for medical and recreational consumption, in one lawsuit the state has lowered the bar by terminating a worker for using the substance during off work hours.

The Workers Bill of Rights in Spokane if enacted would allow workers to get equal pay for equal work and not be wrongfully terminated on the job. It would also provide a family wage for workers for large employers to include necessities like food, housing, utilities and child care.

Brad Read, a longtime Spokane high school English teacher and Envision Spokane organizer, is hoping that voters recognize the critical importance of the Worker Bill of Rights.

“It’s about the rights of real people … taking precedence over corporations,” he says. “If we don’t start to chip away at this edifice that has been carefully crafted for over 200 years, then we’re screwed.”


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