ch1Denver was very fortunate to have Chris Hedges, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, activist and Presbyterian minister, address the recent anti fracking conference, Stop the Frack Attack. Hedges was a featured speaker and met with Gustavo Aguirre Jr, Shane Davis, Kandy Mosset and other anti-fracking activists. Hedges talk covered Big Greens role of regulating environmental laws that perpetuate continued destruction of the environment, topics of revolt and rebellion illustrated in his book, Wages of Rebellion, The Moral Imperative of Revolt,

EBCU has linked below Hedges’ recent Truthdig article, Death By Fracking, encourging supporters to become familiar with one of the most important leaders of our time and his quest to educate us of the next round of destruction caused by Climate Change and inform us about the myths of democracy in America.

In Death By Fracking, Hedges goes beyond the symptoms of corporate power and the oil and gas industries role attacking communities with dangerous fracking activities. Hedges provides a direct analysis of the causes that the corporate state inflicts on society turning public hearings into charades to marginalize activist efforts where bans are nullified by the courts and where voices of truth demanding democracy are stamped out under the heels of ruling class.

Issues of democracy gone wrong in a country that is deaf and blind to citizen concerns and where real environmental reform is no more than a joke orchestrated by the power elite will not go away, its a reoccurring nightmare we live with daily.

The Hedges quote below is a wake up call requesting that you read deep and explore-

“If the law, as it does, outlaws legitimate democratic and nonviolent dissent, how is dissent to be expressed? If we cannot receive, as we cannot, justice from the courts or state and federal legislators, where will justice come from? If we cannot legally impede the destruction of our communities, what are the physical methods we will have to employ to save ourselves?”