mmrAs Tom Linzey and Mari Margil of the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund point out, “Sustainability is illegal under our system of law. Building economically and environmentally sustainable communities cannot be done through a system that elevates the rights of corporate entities above the rights of people and communities. Nor can it be done through a corporate culture whose primary overriding goal is the production of ‘endless more.’ It makes everything standing in the way illegal and in many cases unconstitutional.”

CELDF is working to build a new structure of law with close to 200 communities in 12 states. They’ve passed ordinances legally recognizing their communities’ right to local self-government. They’ve eliminated competing claims to corporate “rights” of personhood. They’ve recognized rights for nature and ecosystems. They’re establishing local Bills of Rights that prohibit unsustainable practices that would violate those rights.

Local Community Rights Networks have formed and created a National Community Rights Network. Thousands of these municipal constitutions will now emerge and provide templates for new state and federal constitutions.