East Boulder County United and the Colorado Community Rights Network share the mission with the primary focus to educate people and communities about local, community self-governance and community rights; secure the inalienable rights of all people, communities, and ecosystems through local self-governance; assert community rights to empower and liberate communities from state preemption and corporate harm; and advance those efforts toward state and federal constitutional change.

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The Boulder-3 Wave 2018 Fracking Moratorium

The Boulder County Commissioners eliminated the current fracking moratorium that was to remain until July of 2018. Now Commissioners' Domenico, Gardner and Jones will end the moratorium this year, May 1, 2017. The toxic industrial activity of fracking will not only...
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Colorado Supreme Court Strikes Down Longmont Fracking Ban

The Colorado Supreme Court on Monday struck down Longmont's fracking ban. The ban on fracking and disposing of fracking wastes within city limits conflicts with state law, the court said in its opinion."Accordingly, the court holds that Longmont's fracking ban is...
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People Not Corporations, The 2016 Community Rights Amendment

Merrily Mazza's recent letter to the editor of the Boulder Daily Camera points out the hypocrisy of tactics used by Colorado's elected officials in concert with environmental regulatory schemes have done little to protect Colorado communities. The Oil and Gas Industry...
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Fracking Wars, Synergy sets Crosshairs on Wadley Farms

Wadley Farms, the quiet residential area in unincorporated Adams County is in the crosshairs of Synergy Resources Group, Oil and Gas contrator. Synergy is poised to drill new wells to develop a large scale oil and gas facility in the center of the Wadley Farms, a...
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